Feliciano talks about fall camp

Feliciano talks about fall camp

Jonathan Feliciano spends his free time learning his playbook and hanging out with the rest of the O-line. Read on to see what he's saying.

Q: What's the biggest difference from last year on the offensive line? A: I feel as my second year on offense the O-line has done better.

Q: How much are you looking forward to your role this year? A: It's better. I'm just trying to be a leader of this team and be the same guy every day.

Q: How tough is it to get a grasp on a scouting report and know exactly what you're going to do and what the guys across from you are going to do with a year old film to look at? A: It's exciting watching old film and seeing what Boston College did last year.

Q: Have you ever been caught off guard with the first week of a season? A: Not really.

Q: How difficult was that shift from high school and coming into college and having to grasp that playbook? A: It was really difficult. So, Ereck [Flowers] picking it up the way he is right now is really appreciated.

Q: With all the young guys on the team, how important is that you guys, the first five guys, stay together as a unit? A: I think that the O-line is probably the most tight-knit unit on the team. We always get together and get into our playbooks and just hang out. I believe that we will just be fine.

Q: Do you guys put pressure on yourselves? A: Absolutely. We're always pushing each other to get better and we have a lot of competition on the O-line, so that always makes us all better.

Q: How tough does life get, now that you're going to be juggling the season with classes? A: We have great teachers here at the University of Miami. So, it's going to be difficult, but we have a good sport system here.

Q: Do you get any free time whatsoever? A: During season, you maybe get a couple of hours to yourself. But, you know, during that time you want to be studying your playbook and doing class work; so, not really.

Q: Can you talk about Malcolm Bunche a little bit? A: He's a big juggernaut. We're going to see what he can do, because he's big, strong and smart. We're all excited to see what he can do this year.

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