Recruiting Roundup 2014/2015

WR Johnnie Dixon

With the 2013 recruiting classes in the books college coaches across the country have turned their attention to 2014 and 2105 respectively. Many of the top players are taking visits and setting up trips to potential final destinations. caught up with various prospects from all over the country in the 2014/2015 recruiting classes about potential trips and who is showing the most attention.

Tony James:

The next school I'm visiting is UCF on march 23rd."

Isaiah Ford:

"Don't know who I'm visiting with yet but coach Spurrier, coach Hinton from OSU, coach Dawsey coach Dish UNC and coach Joker Phillips from Florida are showing me the most love."

Railond Garrett:

"I haven't been talking to any coaches the past month and don't have plans on making any visits yet."

Lloyd Tubman:

"I Visited Louisville, next stop Western Kentucky, Kentucky, then Ohio State, most love will be, Louisville then Kentucky"

Bryson Allen-Williams:

"I'm thinking about going to UGA this weekend , but I've been talking to UGA ,Arkansas, Michigan , SC, UT,USC,UCLA and I really don't know what visits I have set up for the future. I looking forward to building relationships and picking the college that I'll have the best opportunity."

Delvin Purifoy:

"Kentucky shows the most love."

Mike Johnson:

'I'm visiting USF this weekend with my cousin Artavis Scott. Louisville and UCF and Iowa State shows me the most love so far in expecting big thing with USF this week."

Armani Owayni:

'I think I'm visiting USF soon. He just said to stop by to see them. Haven't set up any other visits yet. I'm speaking with Rutgers right now. Can't wait for first out of state visit."

D.J. Copeland:

"Right now I plan on taking an early visit to Louisville. I dont really have a set date on when I'm going but the coaches that I really like is Louisville. They show the most love and I have spoken with the head coach and the Defensive back coaches."

Kendall Randolph:

"Not sure about the next trip. Had a little set back. Talking to Hinton from Ohio State, Carroll from Miami, Pruitt from FSU, Thompson from Bama, Pry at Vandy and most of UK staff."

Mehki Brown:

"I think I'm going to Florida with hawk sometime this spring. And I'm looking for a school that wins, had good academics and is just has a good vibe."

Jacques Patrick:

"March 9th I'm going to Miami."

Darryl Long:

"I'm planning to go to Indiana this weekend. I've been in good contact with Illinois Indiana Pittsburgh Louisville Nebraska Duke and Kentucky. I hope to find a way to visit all the schools that have been showing love."

Johnnie Dixon

"I'm heading up to Miami Saturday and Miami shows a lot of love."

Devin Abraham:

"I'm going to duke Friday afternoon."

Jeb Blazevich:

"Up next is UGA and Ole Miss by far then Clemson and after UGA I'm headed to every other school on my list for a spring practice."

Adly Enoicy:

"I don't have any unofficial planned, and I don't talk to any coaches, I've been very busy with football and school."

Mykale Rogers:

"I'll me going to junior day at UC this week and hope to make a trip to Louisville soon."

Avery Edwards: "Not really sure where I am going next. Maybe the duke vs. Miami and Wake Forest junior day on march 2nd. App state just offered me today. My head coach told me. All the coaches are showing me love which is great. It's making the recruiting process tough. I'm just looking forward to playing ball at the next level." Recommended Stories

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