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Q&A with Curtis Justus

Curtus Justus

Perry, OK tight end Curtis Justus was identified very early by UM coaches. In fact, he was one of the first players they offered all last year. Justus has all the tools to become a big time player at the next level. Athletically, he's outstanding and showed off his skills on defense as well. Offensively, he was used primarily as a wide receiver because he caught so many balls.

He's like Jeremy Shockey in many ways and I think they're very comparable because of their pass catching skills and size/speed combination. Justus actually has 2 full inches on Shockey. I truly believe Justus has the type of talent to eventually make the type of impact that Shockey made. The only difference will be that Shockey spent his first two college years at a Junior College, while Justus... Recommended Stories

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