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Q&A with Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham is hard to miss when he's on a basketball court and it's not just because of his red hair. At six-foot-eight and 256 lbs, the senior big man is a presence in the paint for the Canes both offensively and defensively. Graham uses his energy, athleticism, and explosion to help the Hurricanes succeed on the court. Read on to see what Graham has to say about this season.

Heading into your final season at Miami, what do you expect from yourself this year? "People say I'm a crazy player and that I'm everywhere and I'm the energy guy. I expect to bring that intensity every night. You should see me in practice now. I've brought that intensity to a new level. This is our last run for a lot of us so we're just going to bring it every night." Last year you were the... Recommended Stories

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