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Beaverton, Ore. - With 5-Stars next to his name, it was no surprise that Teddy Bridgewater was the Nike 7on Tournament MVP two years in a row. But his performance on both sides of the ball left no doubt by the time the eight team tournament concluded.

Miami commitment Teddy Bridgewater is a 5-Star quarterback prospect and Scout's No. 3 ranked quarterback in the country. He's been a playmaker at one of the most powerful programs in the country since he took over as a sophomore in 2008 at Miami Northwestern.

It takes a certain moxy to step in after a player like Jacory Harris had led the Bulls to a convincing State Championship in 2007. Not only did Bridgewater survive his first year, he thrived. In this Scout's opinion, Northwestern got stronger at the quarterback position, and I fully realize that's a bold statement talking about a sophomore vs. a senior Harris who started at Miami as a true freshman.

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I've seen nothing from Bridgewater that has made me change my mind when I said he was the best quarterback prospect in Florida for the past three classes, and I wrote that after his sophomore season (The Heir Apparent).

A tremendous athlete with size and speed, Bridgewater hears the inevitable talk of his being moved to a different position. Based on what I saw at the Nike 7on passing tournament, there's no reason to think he wouldn't succeed. At 6-3 with long arms and good instincts, Bridgewater had more interceptions at safety than he threw during the tournament, including two key interceptions in the semi-finals and finals (see photo gallery below).

Miami Northwestern's defense had trouble stopping teams at times, and during one sequence as their opponent was driving, a call from his teammates on the bench could be heard "get Teddy back in there."

During the semi-final match up, consecutive passes were dropped by Bridgewater's receivers. So with one minute left, Bridgewater steps out at outside receiver. Two passes, two catches by Bridgewater, and 80 yards later, Miami Northwestern is in the end zone. Bridgewater was back at quarterback for the extra point. which he completed for the score.

Physically, Bridgewater isn't going to top the charts with any one attribute. He has a strong arm and a tight spiral capable of reaching the deep out on a rope, but he doesn't have the strongest arm. J.W. Walsh, and Oklahoma State commit from Denton Guyer, probably had a stronger arm, but when the throw had to be made, Bridgewater made it. A deep post, a rolling touch pass over the linebackers to a receiver in the end zone, Bridgewater has the "it" factor that makes everything around him slow down so that he makes the big play to win the game.

Quarterbacks deemed athletes typically struggle in a passing tournament in which a quarterback's arm and mechanics are his only weapons with no threat to run.

Bridgewater has won two consecutive MVP's of the most prestigious team passing tournament in the country.

Can Bridgewater play multiple positions in college?


Would it be crazy to take the ball out of his hands on the next level?

I think so.

Time will tell. Recommended Stories

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