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Kitchens Spent Offseason Differently

Darrin Kitchens went through the offseason workouts and conditioning with the rest of the team, but that's where the similarities ended. The junior linebacker became the only married player on the team when he tied the knot to his girlfriend of four years on June 23. Kitchens thinks the occurrences off the field have changed the way he approaches the game.

"It puts things in perspective," said Darrin Kitchens, who is 20 years old. "I'm not only doing things for myself, but I have a family to look over now." A year ago, Kitchens never would've imagined being in this spot. He has been with Nathalie, his now fiancé, for four years later this month, and the couple new they would be married at some point. Kitchens just didn't expect it to happen as soon... Recommended Stories