Q&A with Herb Waters

Read on to see what sophomore wide receiver Herb Waters is saying a couple days before the second scrimmage of fall camp.

On the receivers:
It's a great receiving corps. We have trust that if one guy goes down, we can put anyone in. We work hard every day in practice.

On the competitive practices:
That's how practice should go to make games easier. We just gotta keep grinding every day.

On the cornerbacks:
Theyre all tough, get better every day. I cant call out that one specific cornerback. They're all getting better every day and are tough battles every day.

On the O-Line:
We have a pretty good O-Line. They work their craft and they're good at what they do. I have trust in my O-Line.

On carrying momentum from late last season:
I just try taking the same mentality, and switch it over from spring until now. I just wanna keep working with the young receivers, show them the way I took, and help them understand how to bring their trade to the game.

On the upside for this offense:
There is no limit. We can go as far as we wanna go. We just have to keep working hard. We will see how far we can go.