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Sanchez Muscles Up With Bad Intentions

Gaby Sanchez

It doesn't take long to notice there's something different about Gaby Sanchez - but it didn't happen overnight. The University of Miami sophomore third baseman didn't waste too much time after the Hurricanes were eliminated from last year's College World Series to get back in the weight room with intentions of beefing up.

Sanchez worked out daily over the summer and did everything possible to eat whatever he could get his hands on. The result: Sanchez will start the season at 202 pounds. Quite a difference from the lanky 187-pounder who showed up in Coral Gables in the fall of 2002. "I did everything possible in the off-season to get stronger because I honestly think I can hit for more power," said Sanchez as the... Recommended Stories

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Gaby Sanchez is a sophomore third baseman from Brito Miami Private School. Last year Sanchez had a…